Pirate Disco
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Pirate Disco

Chillwave / Electronica Album


Doni - Pirate Disco

1. Chill For Dayz
2. Finish Line
3. Moby Dank
4. Sneak Attack
5. This Time
6. Tight Be Tonight
7. Touching My Soul
8. 6 Million
9. And Then It Changes

Released: October 2015 on Future City Records.

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Doni Cordoni’s “Pirate Disco” is a smooth collection of tracks influenced by retro dance music, electronica and cheesy goodness. One part fun, one part chill, and one part sprawling epic, “Pirate Disco” features a sound that’s as fresh as it is nostalgic; a creation influenced by the retro sweetness of Italo Disco and Video Game music. Enjoy these tracks on max volume as you continue your quest for greatness.

Genres/Influences: Chillwave, Italo Disco, Retrowave, Electronica, House, Chill-Out, EDM