Go With All Your Heart
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Go With All Your Heart

Electronica Album


Doni Cordoni - Go With All Your Heart

1. School Year
2. Days Long Past
3. Priminimal Urges
4. Lift It Up!
5. Mili Is Angry
6. Conquest Of The Ancients
7. Once Friends
8. Slipping Away
9. Move On
10. School Year (Dr. Claw’s Electro Remix)

Released: January 2010

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Doni Cordoni’s “Go With All Your Heart” is a celebration of electronic music before it entered the EDM era. Sure, it was crusty. And sure, it was cheesy. But cheese and crust are two of the most delicious things money can buy. Take a nostalgia filled journey through time, space and sound as you continue your quest for greatness.

Genres/Influences: House, Electronica, Chill-Out, EDM, Downtempo